The Three Way Symbiosis; ARK | BPT | COSS

This article assumes that you already have a basic knowledge of ARK, BPT & COSS and is an exploration of a symbiosis between them based on official announcements and speculative assessments.

Lets begin.

We start by taking a look at the relationship between partnership pairs, for the sake of this scenario. This article does not, however, delve into all of the potential benefits that they hold for each other, only what is relevant to illustrate the three-way symbiosis.

1. COSS feeds ARK with liquidity.

When we think of fiat parings, it is common to see only the top two, BTC and ETH. With the pending release of fiat pairing on COSS (scheduled for March), however, we will see one very important addition that:

“COSS exchange now enables ARK pairings: ARK/BTC and ARK/ETH. They will soon offer ARK/EUR and ARK/USD as well. COSS is also working on payment cards similar to Wirex and Xapo, from which ARK can be used to load.” – ARK, COSS Announcement

Skepticism of how much liquidity this offers for ARK is natural, based on the COSS exchange functionality today. But lets move past that and assume that COSS is going to improve vastly with it’s new trading engine and API functionality.

2. ARK to be BPT’s decentralized engine.

December 2017 ARK and Blockport Announced their partnerships, implying that they will be working very closely. Blockport are poised to use the ARK ecosystem for their hybrid-decentralized exchange and fund storage.


“Blockport aims to offer FIAT pairs for anyone who prefers trading directly with conventional currencies like EUROS but without the need to trust in a human 3rd party to control the funds.”ARK. Blockport Announcement

3. Blockport uses COSS to exchange tokens.

The final stage of this speculative symbiosis. Here’s where it might get interesting. A comment on my last post on reddit from a user suggested that blockport was not be an exchange itself but rather utilize API keys with existing exchanges and execute trades using the best prices available at the time of request. It was then implied in a following comment that COSS would be used for that purpose. Keeping in mind that both COSS and Blockport are officially partnered with ARK, and that Blockport could potentially be connecting into other exchanges to actually perform the trades – it becomes increasingly probable that COSS is the third piece in this interesting symbiotic triangle formation. Again, this can be handled with COSS adding API support and the new engine update.

Summary of the relationships.


The diagram above illustrates very simply, the 3 way symbiosis between the projects. Below is a summary of each project and how it fits.


  • COSS –> ARK (COSS provides ARK with more liquidity, fiat pairings.)
  • COSS –> BPT (COSS provides trade requests for Blockport.)


  • ARK –> COSS (ARK provides COSS with added volume of ARK token )
  • ARK –> BPT (ARK provides BPT a hybrid decentralized ecosystem trading & storage)


  • BPT –> ARK (BPT provides ARK proof of concept and blockchain traffic.)
  • BPT –> COSS (BPT provides COSS trading volume.)


If you are reading this, you are among a select few. These three projects combined bring a subscriber count of ~35,000. It’s probably less, we could say 20,000 if you discount some numbers of those that are following more than one of these. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a very small amount of people following these projects. Investors now, are the first in and will benefit the most in the future.

Whether or not this is the symbiotic relationship that we will see materialize between these crypto projects, the speculation is fun and we can see a great year ahead for those that back them. To say ‘I’m bullish’ is an understatement.

I hope that this was an interesting read. If anyone knows more about this area, please leave a note either here or on Reddit.


Some sources and useful links for you to read more (No referrals):





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